Side Effects of Home Laser Hair Removal

When deciding whether or not to make the investment in a home laser hair removal system, it is important that you fully understand all of the risks and potential side effects of laser hair removal. This information will help you make the best decision involving your health or the health of your family. There are very few recorded side effects, and these products are considered very safe unless somehow misused.

How does this Laser Technology Work?

Laser energy is light-based, and light creates heat. The laser is such an intensely focused beam of light that it causes things that absorb it to become extremely hot. The dark pigments in your hair are the perfect receptacles for this energy, and are quickly affected by the intense heat which then causes the hair to fall out. The hair follicle will eventually heal, but follow-up treatments ensure that the hair will not regrow.

There are some drawbacks to being limited by dark pigments. For example, what happens if your skin has the same pigments that your hair has? The dark pigments in your skin can absorb the energy of the laser, which means it can absorb the heat as well. Therefore, people with dark skin are not eligible to use this system, as it can cause burns and can damage the skin.

Unfortunately, this system can only be used by people with light skin and dark hair. If your skin tone is tanned, medium, dark brown, or black, using a laser can cause unintended laser hair removal side effects.

Potential Temporary Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Naturally, exposing your skin to the power of a laser can create some temporary side effects. Right after treatment, your skin may become sensitive, and you may experience some itching, mild discomfort, rashes, red marks, or swelling. All of this is perfectly normal, only occurs in a minority of cases, and disappears quickly. In order to prevent further damage to your pores, you will be advised to avoid the direct light of the sun for up to seven days.

Potential Long-Term Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

While it is possible to permanently damage your skin or be the victim of long-term side effects during home laser hair removal, this is extremely rare and only happens in a small minority of cases. This can be avoided by ensuring that you have a skin color that qualifies for the process, as these side effects are usually caused by the skin absorbing too much of the heat and becoming damaged or burned. Home laser hair removal systems are equipped with sensors and safety devices to prevent misuse on dark skin.

It's Easy to Prevent Damage to Your Skin

If you follow the instructions carefully and use laser hair removal at home with your common sense , you will reduce the chances of serious injury to practically nothing. You should only experience a tingling sensation and possibly minor discomfort for a short period of time. Simply err on the side of caution. If you feel a burning sensation for an extended period of time or you feel you have left your skin under the laser for too long, then take a break. If you have a skin condition, have a rare skin color, or have very sensitive skin, then you may want to consult a doctor before beginning treatment. If you do not have any of these conditions and you use your intuition, then you increase the safety of the technology.

For More Information

There are plenty of places to find a full range of information on laser hair removal for home. Some places to find this information would be at health spas, aesthetic doctors, the FDA, and product manufacturers. Be sure that any device you buy is FDA approved, as this will guarantee that the product has been tested and retested for safety.

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